Hitachi S-4800 FE-SEM

The Hitachi S-4800 is a field-emitting scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) located in a class 1000 bay of the Cleanroom. Capable of 1-2nm resolution and 0.5-30kV, the S4800 is perfect for measuring or imaging dry conductive samples smaller than 2" in diameter. Available detectors include dual secondary electron detectors, retractable backscatter detector, and Oxford Inca EDX detector for elemental determination.


  • High vacuum imaging of micro or nanoscale solid structures
  • Elemental detection by x-ray analysis, Oxford Inca EDX Detector
  • Full range (0.5-3.0 kV) imaging
  • Ideally suited for convenient analysis of samples prepared in the Cleanroom.