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ASTM C364 Standard Test Method for Edgewise Compressive
Strength of Sandwich Constructions

This test evaluates the compressive properties of structural sandwich construction in a direction parallel to the sandwich facing plane.  Allowable core materials include those with continuous bonding surfaces, as well as discontinuing bond surfaces such as the honeycomb pattern.

After conditioning and machining specimen according to the standard, place the specimen in the edge clamping fixtures as required.  The speed of testing is set to ensure the specimen fails within 3 to 6 minutes and a compressive is applied until rupture at this rate.  If axial strain is required, at least 2 strain gauges are to be used, otherwise, only force per deflection are recorded.  Record the location and mode of failure for each specimen.

Ultimate edgewise compressive strength, ultimate force prior to failure, compressive strain, and final geometry

Equipment used:
Test frame, sandwich panel edgewise compression test fixture, two or more strain gauges, test method software