Gateway Materials Test Center’s Machining Lab is well equipped to machine all types and sizes of metals, plastics, and composite materials. We can take delivery of your  bulk materials, then machine them down to the tight dimensional tolerances required by ASTM standards for testing.

Flow Mach 2 Waterjet

Our Flow Mach 2 waterjet is used to cut simple and intricate specimen geometries from flat material panels.  It has a 4ft by 4ft cutting area and a maximum loading capacity of 60 lbs/ft^2. The maximum cutting speed is 320 inches per minute. We can draw, or import drawings in multiple file formats, and then cut specimens to dimension with incredible accuracy and consistency.

Chevalier FSG-2A618 Precision Grinder

The Chevalier FSG-2A618 precision grinder is used to perform finish machining cuts on specimens rough cut on our waterjet. It is invaluable for intricate specimen geometries that require tight angles and radii such as the Iosepescu test for shear properties.

Chevalier FM-3VR Mill & Harrison V390 Lathe

Theses pieces of equipment make GMTC unique in the respect that we can design and manufacture test fixtures to meet the needs of our customers.  We perform a great deal of standard test methods here, but also have the ability to adapt to non-standard tests designed by our customers.  We have CAD software and engineers available who can design the test fixture and then machine it to the agreed upon requirements.