Gateway Materials Test Center’s Machining Lab is well equipped to machine all types and sizes of metals, plastics, and composite materials. We can fabricate or take delivery of your composite panels or other materials, machine your specimens and grind them to tight tolerances prior to testing them for you.

Flow Mach 2 Waterjet

The Flow Mach 2 is an abrasive waterjet. It uses an ultra high pressure pump to generate a stream of water with pressure up to 40,000ksi. Garnet is pulled into the waterjet stream to increase the cutting power by 1000 times which enables cutting of steel up to 1 foot thick. It has a 4′ by 4′ cutting area and a maximum loading capacity of 60 lbs/SF. The maximum cutting speed is 320 inches per minute. We can draw, or import drawings in multiple file formats, and then cut simple or very complex 2 dimensional parts or specimens.

Chevalier FSG-2A618 Precision Grinder

The Chevalier FSG-2A618 precision grinder is used to to grind specimens cut on the waterjet to the tight tolerences required for ASTM testing. It is invaluable for intricate specimens that require tight angles and radii such as the Iosepescu test for shear properties.

Chevalier FM-3VR Mill

The Chevalier FM-3VR is a vertical milling machine. It enables machining of flat, curved or irregular surfaces by feeding the workpiece against a rotating cutter.

Harrison V390 Lathe

The Harrison V390 lathe rounds out our machining capability. It allow us to machine 3D parts, fixtures and adapters to accommodate new or custom tests for our customers and our own use.