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ASTM D1781

Standard Test Method for Climbing Drum Peel for Adhesives

This test method covers the evaluation of the peel strength necessary to de-bond the flexible adherend from a rigid substrate.

The specimen is prepared either by a skilled technician onsite or by the manufacturer prior to delivery.  The climbing drum peel fixture is inserted into the universal testing machine and then a calibration test is performed to determine the torque necessary to bend the flexible adherend around the fixture. After the calibration torque value is inserted into the software calculations, a specimen is placed in the fixture and the dimensional and material criteria are entered into the software.  After testing, the client may require detailed photographs of the specimen to analyze the adhesive or cohesive failure modes.  Multiple tests will be performed to determine variability.

Maximum and minimum load, average peel strength, and average peel torque.

Equipment used
Test frame, climbing drum peel test fixture, test method software.