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ASTM D3330

Standard Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure Sensitive Tape (Test Methods A&F)

This method determines the peel adhesion of pressure-sensitive tapes, and includes 6 methods.  Method A measures adherence when peeled at a 180° angle to a standard steel panel or other surface of interest.  Method B measures the adherence to the backing of a single-coated tape. Method C measures the adherence of double-coated tape to a steel panel or any other surface of interest.  Method D measures the adherence of the release liner to the adhesive of either a single or double coated tape.  Method E measures adherence of a transfer tape to a steel panel or other surface.  Method F measures the adherence when peeled at a 90° angle to steel or another surface.

Specimens are prepared to standard on approved substrates and then tested using a constant extension test frame and appropriate load cell.  Depending on the method desired by the customer, a simple substrate and grips can be used or a specific fixture that employs rollers and cables to keep the peel at a specific angle from the substrate.

Peel strength, dwell time, and adhesive failure type.

Equipment Used:
Solvents for condition include Diactone alcohol, methanol, mehyl ethyl ketone, n-heptane, or acetone; test frame, wedge grips, 90° peel fixture.