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ASTM D6484

Standard Test Method for Open-Hole Compressive Strength of Polymer Matrix Composite Laminates

This method is used for determining the compressive strength of polymer matrix composite laminates that are reinforced by high-modulus fibers.  The standard also limits the material types to those which employ continuous fiber, or discontinuous fiber reinforcement. The laminate must also be balanced and symmetric with the test direction.

After the appropriate conditioning and machining, the specimen is inserted in the fixture with the proper torque specifications met at the bolt interfaces. The fixture is placed between flat platens in the testing machine.  Extensometers can be adhered to determine strain.  The machine is put under load and the test proceeds until the force has dropped of approximately 30% from the maximum.

Ultimate open-hole compressive strength, maximum force prior to failure, open-hole compressive strain.

Equipment Used:
Extensometer, Test frame, open hole compressive strength fixture.