Category: Textile

ISO 9073-2

Test Methods for Non-Wovens.

ASTM D6797

Standard Test Method for Bursting Strength of Fabrics Constant Rate of Extension (CRE) Ball Burst Test

ASTM D6614

Standard Test Method for Stretch Properties of Textile Fabrics (CRE)

ASTM D5278

Standard Test Method for Elongation of narrow Elastic Fabrics (Static Load Testing)

ASTM D5034

Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Grab Test)

ASTM D4964

Standard Test Method for Tension and Elongation of Elastice Fabrics (CRE)

ASTM D2256

Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Yarns by the Single-Strand Method

This method covers the testing of tensile properties of monofilament, multifilament, and spun yarns.

After proper conditioning, the technician sets the machine to the appropriate starting gauge length as per the ASTM standard.  The specimen is fitted onto the grips, the fiber tex and/or diameter are entered and the testing begins.  The technician will remove the broken pieces, attach them to each other, and clearly indicate which end is the fractured end.  Multiple tests will be performed to determine variability.

Breaking force, breaking tenacity, elongation, initial modulus, chord modulus, breaking toughness.

Equipment used:
Test frame, pneumatic cord and yarn grips, pneumatic foot switch, test method software.

ASTM D6775

Standard Test Method for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Webbing, Tape and Braided Materials

This method determines the breaking strength and elongation of a textile webbing, tape, and braided materials using a split-drum type clamp.

The specimen is centered between the two halves of the split drum in the upper clamp to begin. Next it is wrapped down and around the back of the lower half of the drum and around the upper half so that it comes over the upper clamp front.  The opposite side is started at the back and loosely wrapped around both halves of the lower clamp.  From the back, the upper half is lifted off the drum and the specimen inserted centrally and completely between the two halves of the drum.  Remove the slack.  Begin testing.

Elongation at a specified force breaking force.

Equipment Used:
Test frame, strap grips.